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How does the VIP Sweepstakes work for the business owner?
1) What are the upfront costs for a Sweepstakes package?
2) Once an owner/investor has decided on an equipment package and received an equipment estimate, what is the time-frame from money paid to delivery of equipment?
3) Where will the equipment be shipped?
4) How will the equipment be shipped?
5) What needs to be prepared before the equipment arrives?
6) How should equipment be checked when it arrives at the location?
7) How will the VIP Sweepstakes equipment be packaged?
Return Materials Authorization -- Equipment that fails during the warranty-covered period.
10) Does VIP offer a RMA program?
8) Can VIP offer technical assistance to install a location?
9) What is the installation time-frame?
11) Does VIP offer full training on the software and hardware?