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1) What are the upfront costs for an Internet Sweepstakes package?
Different equipment packages are available. Individuals, who own convenience stores, truck stops, or various enterprises where a small amount of square footage is available, may choose the ‘Route’ package where (10) or fewer game terminals could be easily installed. Investors, who deal with larger room opportunities, may choose the ‘Parlor’ package where (11) or more Sweepstakes game terminals would be best suited. A qualified Sweepstakes Account Manager can provide details on these tiered systems.
2) Once an owner/investor has decided on an equipment package and received an equipment estimate, what is the time-frame from money paid to delivery of equipment?
Most orders can be processed and delivered to locations, in the contiguous US, within (14) days. Larger orders and/or special cabinet needs may require more lead-time to meet the client’s full expectations.
3) Where will the equipment be shipped?
Equipment can be shipped to any physical address within the contiguous US. Permanent location addresses should be provided at the time of order placement. Overseas orders need to be arranged and cleared with the Sweepstakes Account Manager.
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