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10) Does VIP offer a RMA program?
Return Materials Authorization -- Equipment that fails during the warranty-covered period.
11) Does VIP offer full training on the software and hardware?
If any Sweepstakes equipment malfunctions and cannot be restored to its original condition by VIP Sweepstakes (IT) technical personnel – and it within the warranty period – a Support RMA Ticket will be immediately issued. The Support RMA Ticket number should be displayed prominently on shipping documents and the outside of any boxes returned to VIP Sweepstakes.
A minimum of 45 minutes needs to be allotted for effective training. A maximum of one hour needs to be allotted for larger locations. Training will be provided for location personnel on the POS (Point of Sale) system for the Internet Sweepstakes system manager and management system. On-site training and/or phone training will be utilized, depending on the location and the individual needs. If the location is a convenient store or truck stop – and generally only one cashier is on duty at a time – make sure to arrange for the store owner, manager or another cashier is available during training time.
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