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4) How will the equipment be shipped?
5) What needs to be prepared before the equipment arrives?
6) How should equipment be checked when it arrives at the location?
Desktop systems, usually consisting of a game terminal, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and cabling can be sent via FedEX directly to the location or the client’s home if the location is not complete. Cabinet orders travel through one of several specialized LTL trucking systems. Large cabinet orders may travel on exclusive-use trucks and arrive directly at the client’s warehouse or ‘Parlor’ location.
VIP Sweepstakes offers assistance with room preparation. A Pre-site Technician will speak with the owner/manager of each new location prior to equipment shipment. Internet options for the location should be discussed at this time. If specialty equipment is required, the pre-site technician will review all those options.
Check the delivery receipt for the number of boxes/skids/cabinets. Only sign the receipt as clear if all equipment has been counted. Also, note any damages to the boxes or shrink/foam/bubble wrap surrounding the cabinets. Any exposed areas should be noted on the delivery receipt.
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