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7) How will the VIP Sweepstakes equipment be packaged?
8) Can VIP offer technical assistance to install a location?
9) What is the installation time-frame?
All boxes/cabinets/skids leave the VIP Sweepstakes dock ONLY after they are appropriately wrapped and sealed. Any shortage/damage discrepancies should be noted with freight delivery personnel and the Sweepstakes Account Manager should be notified immediately.
If technical assistance will be needed to install a location, discuss this need with the Sweepstakes Account Manager. Options for on-site personnel are best arranged prior to equipment shipping to any permanent location.
Once all paperwork and funding obligations are met, installations can take place after a location pre-site has been completed. This can be handled quickly and efficiently through a phone conversation with IT personnel from VIP Sweepstakes. A direct phone number (cell numbers are acceptable) for the location’s owner or manager will assist in a faster pre-site. Please advise the store manager and any necessary store personnel to expect a phone call from VIP Sweepstakes (IT) regarding the pre-site. The quicker the connection between store personnel and the IT department is accomplished, the quicker the install can be scheduled.
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